Junior FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
is there a registration day?
WE will not run a specific registration day bu feel free to contact us
What are the age groups?
Can I play senior cricket?
U/12 U/14, U/16, Girls & Boys with a potential Girls only team
Senior Turf Cricket is available for U/16’s - Regular players may need to pay an extra fee TBC for the season
How much is registration?
Fees $  205  - Training overseen by Qualified coaches
 Where do I register to play
Can you tell me which team I will be in?
We can not be certain until all players are registered & available. Usually grouped by age & experience.
What about Coaches/Managers?
We are in the process of appointing & identifying Coaches & Managers but as we do not yet know exact team numbers amd mixes, it will be finalised at a later date.
We welcome any expression of interest in any area.
When is training?
Under 12  - 9 am
Under 14  - 10  am
Under 16  - 11 am

October after Daylight Saving :

Under 12 - Wednesdays from 4.30pm

Under 14 - Mondays from 4.30pm

Under 16 - Tuesdays 5 - 7pm

What clothing do I need for training?
We would prefer to to see a McK Training top, white cricket shirt (polo) or similar & dark shorts/track pants & runners. Don't forget Sunscreen.
What clothing do I need for playing?
Long white cricket pants, white cricket shirt (polo), Runners.
Cricket hat : wide brim or Cap. Players must take the field with a hat (unless helmet is being worn).
Don't forget Sunscreen, water bottle and snack.
Can I get Cricket clothing from the club ?
Yes  - Caps
White & purple playing polo shirts . 
These have the McKinnon LOGO
What about equipment ?
Our  lower U/12 Kits are equipped with bats, gloves, pads & helmets.
What do I bring ?
Groin Protector a must for boys. As for playing equipment many players like to bring their own also. The girls team , if applicable ,will  have a kit provided.
Don't forget Sunscreen, water bottle and snack.
How long does a game go for

Age group dependent , usually 40 overs per week up to 3 hours

SOme one day games may total 50 overs , tbc

What are the starting times ?
8.15 sharp for some One day games , or 8.45 sharp for 2 day games or Rookies
What are the finishing times?
app 11.15 to 11.30 pm
When does the season start?
Most likely Fri/Sat 12/13 October
When do we get the fixture?
Mid October on http:/  
Is there a break over Christmas?
Yes, Mid Dec 2017 to Mid Jan 2018 TO BE CONFIRMED
What do parents do?
While we have a manager & usually a game day coach, we cannot survive without parental help.
Assist at organising groups at training.
What sort of help?
Setting up stumps,sweeping the pitch, laying out hats/markers for boundaries, scoring (where able), umpiring (where able), setting up chairs & putting away.
Assisting in organising players when needed.
That sounds like a lot of work!
It's easy when everybody contributes.
What if parents know nothing about Cricket ?
It's not essential for some jobs , & you can always learn.
Does the club have social activities for Juniors/ Junior Parents
Yes, please watch newsletters & feel free to ask team manager or Junior committee member.
There are many general club functions throughout the season- watch the website and talk to your team manager.
How old should players be ?
Under 12: Boys must be under 12 on 31/08/19
minimum playing age is  8  - 8yo's can only  play in "Rookies" grade
(girls under 14 girls can play U/12 - CMCA/SECA decision 2yr allowance)
Age groups are being reviewed
Players should not play above their age.
Under 14 : Boys must be under 14 on 31/08/19
(girls can be under 16)
Under 16: Boys must be under 16 on 31/08/19
(girls can be under 18)
Do You have any girls playing? :
Yes & we are encouraging more girls to play.
Is there anything else I need to ask ?
Probably, & if you think of it [email] it & we can post it for others too
Can I ring anyone?


Junior Coaching Coordinator   : RIck Pullman 0428 503 895

Junior Coordinator : Jill Watts : 0413 880 729

Junior/Master Blaster :  Paul O'Donnell 0418 678 778

Junior Committee Rep  Shane austin : 0427 838 778

President: Paul Cox 0418 827 001